Since I'm up anyway thanks to some asshole vandal....

The Tokyo Electric Power Co., which operates the six-reactor Daiichi site in northeastern Japan, said it had also lost cooling ability at a second reactor there and three units at its nearby Fukushima Daini site.
The government declared state of emergency at all those units.
Japan's nuclear safety agency said the situation was most dire at Fukushima Daiichi's Unit 1, where pressure had risen to twice what is consider the normal level. The International Atomic Energy Agency said in a statement that diesel generators that normally would have kept cooling systems running at Fukushima Daiichi had been disabled by tsunami flooding.
Japan gets about 30 percent of its electricity from nuclear power plants. Authorities warned citizens to be prepared for severe power cuts. More than 1 million households across Japan, mostly in the northeast, still didn't have access to water.

Kinda like the issue I raised in Nuclear Reactors. I'm sure there is a good reason why the enormous amount of energy created by fission doesnt power the cooling (with diesel as failsafe backup), I'd just like someone in the know to explain it to me. Best wishes to all Japanese Zombiepedians, and to the entire nation as a whole.

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