Hey guys. The makers of the World War Z film just released a new social media survival challenge game. It's a bit like the one we have for Dead Island Riptide, but somewhat more complex, realistic, and re-playable. Here's a review.

The first thing I thought when I started playing it was that it's curious how this game (along with most zombie stories like The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, Dead Island, Night of The Living Dead, The World War Z novel by Max Brooks, etc) is primarily about making the audience consider what they would need to do and know to survive. The World War Z film is markedly different, as even though the first 30 minutes or so depicts protagonist Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family in an intense and gripping struggle to avoid zombies and get to safety, the main theme of the film isn't horror or survival, it's Lane's quest to learn the zombie origin in hopes that the knowledge will save mankind. To the film's credit, it's the only truly successful zombie movie that wasn't centrally about survival (help me out in comments if I'm wrong, boys and girls).

Literary analysis aside, the game asks ten untimed questions about the best decision in varying broad emergency environments. It keeps score of how many right and wrong answers are given by adding or subtracting from your estimated survival time. It may be a clock, but one can also think of it as a health bar, because if it goes down to zero, you lose before you can answer all the questions. The content definitely goes for realism more than campiness or horror. So far, I haven't seen any questions that pertain to any scenarios unique to the zombie genre (if/how/when to put down a bitten comrade, which weapon is best to kill one zombie, etc), but this doesn't bother me. The accuracy of the answers is excellent, although I did get a few questions where I felt a strong argument could be made for 2 answers.

It's certainly not a flashy game, but the challenge plays smoothly, as quickly or slowly as you'd like, and I liked the fonts and the color scheme. They have a bunch of questions, so you can play it a few times if you want to bring up your score before you post it to facebook or twitter and challenge your friends. If you play, don't forget to enter their survival contest to win a free iPad mini and a World War Z Survival Kit.