Hey all. I've been a little busy, and I haven't been proofing the articles as much as I used to. If there is vandalism, sending me a message would be greatly appreciated.

Getting to the subject in the title, I would really like someone to explain to me how people are confused by the category feature. Countless times, different people create a category (usually one that makes no sense), then write in that category page as though it is an article (that also usually makes no sense). It's not that I'm mad, I just can't imagine what the confusion is. There must be some systemic flaw that wikia has as far as making pages that some people find unintuitive, because it happens someone often.

Today's example was that someone made a Fireworks article (of debateable noteworthyness), then gave it a bunch of categories that were basically descriptors or qualities of fireworks. Then in one of them (Smoke) went on to describe smoke. User plans have also been made in Category Pages. I don't get it. Just can't begin to figure it out.

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