Vermont is a tiny state in the northeast part of the United States. The state has a population of roughly 600,000 and most of it is completely rural and forested. There are few urban centers with a large population with the exception of the city of Burlington and the towns around it which has most of the states populous living in the city or nearby. Many Vermonters live and own farms and are highly self-sufficent. Because of the states low population density and rural settings, you would wonder why hollywood zombie movies with the exception of I Am Legend haven't taken notice of this tiny state as a perfect place to hide during a zombie epidemic.

The abundance of food that would be found on the farms would make living there an easy task and given that many Vermonters are hunters there would be plenty of firearms to use to defend yourself. Also because many parts of the state are very remote hiding wouldn't be a problem because of the lack of people and this would benefit anyone who is fleeing from zombie hordes. Also because Vermont has virtually no gun laws in place there is an abundance of firearms from shotguns to fully automatic assault rifles. Any individual could raid a gun store and find more than enough ammo and firearms to last through any zombie invasion. Farms other than having stores of food have tools that could be used as hand held weapons if you prefer to kill zombies quietly without attracting attention. If you had to make a journey into a city there are a few in Vermont that could provide what you are looking for. But given that supermarkets, chain stores like Wal-Mart and K-mart would probably be looted or taken over by other survivors it would be best to avoid the cities.

In the winter time any zombie hordes would be frozen and not able to move. Vermonters are used to the cold and they would have snowmobiles readily available for usage if a home was abandoned. This would be the biggest advantage to hiding in Vermont, the snow and cold would freeze any zombie until spring and even then Vermont has a season known as Mud season for a reason. Given all these factors and more Vermont is a zombie apocalypse survivors paradise.

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