Hey everyone,

I just wanted to come on here and spend some time talking about a recent thought that I have had. We are all concerned about a zombie attack/apocalypse and being prepared to handle that situation. We stock up on food, water, guns and other things. Something I have realized (and maybe others have already considered this) is that we should be ready and able to use everything in our homes as weapons or means of protection. Anything could happen and if we don't have things we need right by us we could be in trouble. 

So - where do you start? You could look in each room of your house and the items in it and consider how to use those items if you had to, or you could hide useful items in each room? Everyone's approach is different - I just wanted to see what everyone's thoughts on this idea were. Have you considered this and planned? 

I found this graphic recently that kind of goes along with what I'm saying here, you guys should look at it. Some of it might seem like common sense, but others are pretty good tips.