• Vox humana

    The title says it all: I am going to buy either a Mosin-Nagant or a twelve gauge Pardner by New England Firearms. I need help choosing.

    Both guns cost close the same amount of money, both to buy and to shoot, but that is where the similarity ends.

    The Mosin-Nagant is a solid bolt action rifle designed by the Russians for long, hard use. It only holds five shells, which makes shot placement important.

    I like that the rifle comes with a sling, bayonet and everything needed for takedown, but it is very heavy and very long.

    The Pardner is a singleshot platform available in several gauges and is even bored for rifle rounds, but I am looking at a twelve guage with a short barrel.

    Twelve gauge shotguns are probably the most varied round in existance: bird…

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