The title says it all: I am going to buy either a Mosin-Nagant or a twelve gauge Pardner by New England Firearms. I need help choosing.

Both guns cost close the same amount of money, both to buy and to shoot, but that is where the similarity ends.

The Mosin-Nagant is a solid bolt action rifle designed by the Russians for long, hard use. It only holds five shells, which makes shot placement important.

I like that the rifle comes with a sling, bayonet and everything needed for takedown, but it is very heavy and very long.

The Pardner is a singleshot platform available in several gauges and is even bored for rifle rounds, but I am looking at a twelve guage with a short barrel.

Twelve gauge shotguns are probably the most varied round in existance: birdshot, buckshot, flachettess, rubber rounds, flare rounds, frangible rounds, and slugs. Twelve gauge is also easy to reload with nearly anything, even chaos jewels (broken glass) rocks or nails, if gunpowder and primers are available.

The gun is very reliable indeed, and light weight, which is ideal, but it also only holds one round before reloading. Shot placement is simultaneously more and less important: less important because it is scattergun but more important because it only holds one shell.

I am leaning for the shotgun, but I am asking for your input.

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