Hello everyone i am Zackerolowiki i have been looking at the bases article and i agree about most of them but i think i could think of more bases that could be added to the list and since i am still sad sad that my grandma died on the 6th of may also i will put up whatever i can about the radio stations but here is a small list of new places that can be used as a base.

1. Bomb Shelters.

2. Video Game Stores.

3. Pharmacy.

4. Laboratory.

5. Pawn Shop.

6. Factory.

7. Tree House.

8. Secret Rooms.

9. Hidden Rooms.

10. Amusement Park.

11. Water Park.

12. Movie Theater.

13. Gas Station.

14 Pizza Parlor.

15 Arcade.

That is all i will put up so if you think these should be added feel free to put these up on the list of bases i will be offline for the next few days to head out somewhere since my birthday is on thursday this month so while i am gone wish me a happy birthday on thursday.

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