If a Zombie Apocalypse was to happen, I believe I need to survive as long as possible. To do this I have started to collect a few friends for a group.

I will need: Edit

  • More group members
  • Supplies for three days
  • A bedroll or sheet
  • Wire for fences
  • A base

Equipment I have Edit

  • A .22 rifle (Need more bullets)
  • A longbow (Need more arrows)
  • A knife
  • A torch
  • A pocket knife (ICE-In Case of Emergencies)
  • A first aid kit (for non-zombie inflicted wounds)

Equipment I need Edit

  • A compound bow
  • A handgun (Maybe)
  • A better knife
  • A folding knife (for makeshift bayonet)
  • A hatchet (for use as a weapon and tool)
  • A hammer(for use as a weapon and tool)

I need group members with: Edit

  • Farming expertise
  • A steady aim and above all
  • Some form of intelligence!

Group Edit

My group will be led by a council of five or six, that makes the rules for survival. Break these rules and you'll find yourself alone and kicked out of the group with minimal supplies.

Overview Edit

If people stick to the council's rules, we'll get along fine. If I find anyone on their own or in a small group and still fighting we'll let you into the group. Just obey the rules and you're fine!!!

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