this is my plan


physical fitness

ownership of firearm (only reccomended)

melee weapon can be improvised

survival skills

ability too hunt

a good attitude


first of all find a ruck sack or a hiking bag i would use my hunting /hiking bag so i could safely and easily carry equipment and weaponry i would pack purification tablets my filled water canteen, ammunition, mre's, tinned food, rope, my gerber paracord handle knife and a survival blanket i would put my dads ruger 77/22 intergrator supressed in the rifle bag attached and my gerber machete in the cords (any melee weapon or gun can be used) after that i would go out too the woodshed and pick up my custom tomahawk id put that in the cords then my cold steel kukri


i would then meet my 2 friends that live nearby also rural there we would even out our packs so we all have weapons and the same weight of packs then we would start by going too the farm and getting the sharpening block and any other required equipment then wed head on the walking routes up north on the hills scavenging and some minor hunting.

camping when needed stopping rarely avoiding people only ever going into populated areas for resources such as medicine.


tying yourself upright on a tree branch high enough of the ground can be safe from zombies and protected from some mild winds and rain if needed can sleep in an abandoned shed or car


1 don't openly run out to attack zombies

2 share everything

3 if we come across other survivors keep our distance


i would do all things such as combat pimarily fore my otherfriends arent very skilled with guns or melee weapons

we can all learn from expieriance for how to kill if that is the right word a zombe or temporarily disable


runs into villages would be quick and quiet one would go too where we need too get stuff from the other two would follow but about 50 - 30 metres behind



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