Just a quick note to clear a few things up: I live in Australia, we have almost no guns. My main strategy will be to avoid conflict, ie run away from zombies, hide if I hear anyone or anything else, stay in my house. Also, this plan will be edited a lot, and I'll try to listen to comments.

I've got a brief list of supplies I have.

  • A long metal pole that I found in a council cleanup one day. This will be my absolute last resort in case I can't outrun or outsmart a zombie.
  • A pocket knife, not for combat.
  • A waterproof bag with extra pockets.
  • Changes of clothing, I just need something easy to run in, and not too hot or cold.
  • Some non-perishables and water, not too much right now, I'm in the beginning stages of gathering supplies.
  • A warm blanket and waterproof matches, a water purifier, a raincoat,
  • A few first aid kits with basic supplies like tweezers, bandages, tape, scissors, and disinfectant.
  • Some of the lesser thought about things: Toilet paper and personal hygiene products. Small pans for cooking.

Now for the actual plan:

And I've run out of time to write this in. It will be updated soon.

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