Ok! This is, of course, my userplan! As time goes on, I will be editing it, so check back every now and then to see what I'm up to during the apocalypse!

How the heck do I know they're coming?Edit

Well, I read somewhere that a sure sign of a potential zombie apocolypse is looting. Hopefully, the infection will start in the East ( Asia ) because I live in the U.S. If looting occurs with no real reason, then I'll start getting ready for Z-Day.

Where will I go?Edit

Where will I go after the infection has started? More than likely, I'll go to my school. In the case that I A) Can't get there, or B) There are too many Zeds in the area, I'd go to a friend's house and stay for a while, or become a Nomad. I'd take a few friends with me, of course. The more the merrier, and more defensive. I may go to my dad's, too.

How will I get there?Edit

Walking, probably. I can't drive yet so that's out of the question.

What will I take with me?Edit

I would take these things with me:

  • A LOT of bottled water. Everyone needs water, and we can survive longer without food than we can water.
  • Dried food. It lasts longer.
  • The biggest knife from my kitchen. It's pretty sharp, too.
  • In the case I did go to my father's, I would get the shotgun and the pistol from there. If he was still alive, I'd bring them along.

- Under Construction, more to come -

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