Userplan / secluded

First hints of the outbreak near where our 664 acre farm. I would head out to the old croft wich is an otherwise abandoned small building. It has stone and cement walls inside there is a lot of water and dried food, two beds, a fireplace, two old arm chairs, a gun cabinet, and a table. It is old only used for hunting trips and lambing time.

There is a Remington 870 shotgun and an old bsa mercury air rifle, my Gransfors hunting axe is also there. There is 2 rooms, a bathroom, and a main living area. The shed next to it is a good spotting or sniping point and there is another axe there and a wood is down the hill with a water spring in it.

It could be easily defended with lumber and the few three windows there are too small for an adult or teen to fit through and too high for a child too reach. The food could last for up too three months, but if I brought the rifle with me going there I could hunt deer.

I would stick to my own until I know that I should try and get to a community or protected zone.


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