Vacation resort

A generic vacation resort.

Vacation resorts are massive recreational facilities. Most rooms are luxurious and are supplied, but not very well. Also, due to the location, some vacation resorts are exceptional places to fish. On top of all that, vacation resorts are great for morale, as the are motivating, inspirational, peaceful, and designed to be a beautiful experience.


  • Island resorts are extremely isolated and well supplied.
  • They lift one's spirits and boost morale.
  • May have multiple forms of water transport.
  • Have multiple means of radio communications (once power has been restored).


  • They are very hard to secure.
  • They require a hefty collaboration/manpower.
  • Food found when the place is secured can be depleted quickly depending on number of people inside.
  • Likely to have many people inside, thus many infected.


Vacation resorts make excellent bases if you have the manpower. Sadly like most good bases they are not common.

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