Walls are a basic line of defense. They can be used to mark territory, hinder enemy advances, route enemies into kill zones, or as cover from attacks. The effectiveness of walls depends on several factors, including the material the wall is made of, size of enemy forces and types weapons used against the wall.


Walls are an essential defense to any successful base. Without a sturdy wall, even the most well defended base will surely crumble (figuratively, and maybe literally) under the constant abuse to the infrastructure and its inhabitants. Due to the individually weak components that are included in most walls, it's probably best to combine materials, like sheet metal and bricks, for example, to make a strong wall that is very resistant to human, as well as zombie, attacks.

Types of FencesEdit

Residential FencesEdit

Picket FencesEdit

Pros: Provides light cover; easy to find; easy to build.

Cons: Provides no protection from bullets; easy to knock down; easy to burn.

Residential "Privacy" FencesEdit

Pros: Provides cover; tall and semi-difficult to scale; common in suburbs; easy to build.

Cons: Easy to knock down; provide no protection from bullets; easy to burn.

A vinyl privacy fence

Commercial FencesEdit

Chain LinkEdit

Pros: Fairly common and easy to construct; can be topped with barbed wire for added protection

Cons: Easily bent and damaged; easy to climb over or under; provide no cover or protection from bullets.

Electric FenceEdit

Pros: Great deterrence for humans; can be combined with chain link fences and barbed wire to be even more effective; can be created using electric fences and the right equipment

Cons: Require power and electricity to run; easy to shoot through.

Stone or Brick WallsEdit

Pros: A sufficiently thick wall will provide protection from bullets; nearly impenetrable by a zombie horde A stone or brick wall can be a major advantage to survivors, depending on thickness. Typically easier to maintain and last longer than wood or metal walls.

Cons: Difficult to build and construct; takes a long time and significant manpower to construct.

Other Types of WallsEdit

Walls of VegetationEdit

Pros: A dense wall of tall shrubs or tightly-packed trees are extremely difficult to navigate through without the right equipment; provides cover; if thick enough, provides protection from bullets.

Cons: Difficult to build and maintain; tend to require lots of water

Dirt/Sand WallsEdit

Pros: Dirt can be easily collected; can be placed into containers and then stacked; very effective at stopping firearms if sufficiently thick; very tough to move if sufficiently large.

Cons: Very time consuming to build; only effective in large quantities.

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