Inside of a warehouse

Inside of a warehouse

A warehouse is a large building designed to store large quantities of goods.

  • They can contain goods in copious supply. If the warehouse belonged to a grocer's or supercenter, food would be in bulk and likely a long shelf life.
  • They contain elevated shelves, which can provide a secure place for sleeping and recreation.
  • The building will have a large, flat roof which can be used for crops or a distress message. Caution should be taken not to overload the structure, however.
  • Warehouses may have existing fortification in the form of barbed-wire topped chain-link and heavy padlocks. The fenced in yard will quickly prove an asset in terms of recreation, food production, and defense.
  • Many shipping distribution centers have provisioning for fueling long distance trucks.

Warehouses will be targets for anybody who lives nearby, thanks to the possibility of easily supplies with the low chance of zombies.

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