Who Would Die First In The Zombie Apocalypse?01:57

Who Would Die First In The Zombie Apocalypse?

Even though everyone will become vulnerable during the zombie apocalypse, some people will be in more danger than others (Though their deaths are not 100% guaranteed, it all comes down to luck, smarts or help). Here are some examples-

  • Doctors and nurses. When the apocalypse first begins and people start getting bitten, most people would probably go to hospitals and medical centres for help. The bitten patients would be checked on by the poor doctors and nurses and then they would be bitten as well. The infection will then spread like wildfire and soon the entire hospital will become infected.
  • Seriously ill people in hospital. Unless someone helps them, bed bound patients will almost certainly be devoured in their beds by the undead.
  • The elderly. Poor grannies and grampas. The elderly will also be extremely vulnerable during the zombie apocalypse because the are physically weak and require care.
  • Infants and children. Whenever a baby is distressed, they will cry. This will definitely get the attention of a hungry zombie. 
  • People who require serious medication. During the apocalypse, it is highly unlikely that companies will continue manufacturing medication and people with serious heart, kidney or liver problems who need medication, will definitely not survive, unless they have a stockpile of  the medication they need.
  • People who are sent in to contain the zombie outbreak. When the apocalypse first starts, it is likely that police officers, SWAT teams and the military will be sent in to kill the zombies. Since they will be the first to go face to face with the undead, they will also be the first ones to become the zombies dinner.

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