There are many factors determining how long someone survives the apocalypse for. These include skills that are useful for both lone and group survival, fitness levels granted by jobs, access to specialist equipment, or warning about the apocalypse before it arrives. Here are a few types of people who would last the longest.

  • Military Combat Arms, Military Police, Combat Engineers, Motor Transport: These broad groups of personnel receive extensive tactical training, are familiar and qualified on a variety of weapon systems, and are generally the most physically fit components of the military services. They also are those most familiar with the vehicles usually associated with combat forces. They possess varying degrees of what are usually recognized as "survival skills," though this is not a focus of training. Military personnel outside of these occupations by and large do not receive extensive combat training or weapons qualifications, as the vast majority have jobs entirely unrelated to combat, or are occupied with what could best be described as a support position. These individuals are trained as such, as they simply don't have time to both work what is essentially a 9-to-5 job as well as receive the near-constant combat-focused training that infantry and some other occupations receive. Most military personnel also have little training in the operation and maintenance of most kinds of military vehicles, beyond those most resembling civilian vehicles.
  •  SWAT,SERT,SOG Officers: specialized law enforcement officers: These individuals usually have sufficient training and armament to set them apart from the herd; some departments and organizations may have access to unarmed armored vehicles and helicopters.
  • Surface Warfare, ship crew: Most naval personnel are land bound, with those possessing the training and capability to operate ships effectively in the minority.
  • Gun store owners. Generally, people who are interested in owning and selling guns tend to be highly proficient in using and maintaining them, and gun stores are easy to lock down, for good reason. Because of this, they will not only be useful allies, but also come with an easily defensible location for survival.
  • Zombie apocalypse preppers. Whilst they are by no means guaranteed survivors, supplies and the skills needed to survive are crucial, and preppers tend to have both, as well as an easily fortified location to hold out in.