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Windows are an important part in nearly all buildings. Unfortunately, windows are completely transparent, generally made of glass (which is quite weak), and some do not even have curtains. It is a bad idea to break through one when scavenging, as the sharp edges will probably cut someone, and the noise will attract zombies.

Ground Floor WindowsEdit

These should be barricaded immediately, as zombies and bandits can break these the easiest. Exit(s), emergency or otherwise, should not be on this floor if possible. Even if you destroy the stairs, it is still a good idea because you will have more time to get supplies easily, and zombies will not be as atracted to your house. 

Upstairs WindowsEdit

Windows that are not on the first floor are less of an immediate risk. You should put nontransparent curtains that have as low of a chance of accidentialy opening as possible. If you have the materials to spare, you should barricde the windows not being needed for light or lookouts.


You should not barricade these, even if you get your energy from solar power. They are of no risk unless there are so many zombies that they are on your roof, in which case your house has already collapsed from their weight and you are being eaten or are a zombie, or you are screwed because you will NEVER be able to get out.

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