The Zombies Communications and Operations Management (or ZCOM) is a government organization with the sole objective to eradicate the undead threat. It is usually made up of military, law enforcement and civilian militia and workers, working together to contain the undead threat. The first objective is creating safe zones for civilians, by clearing out cities of the undead. Once humans begin to repopulate the cities, the workers would begin to make farms, fortified defenses, medical centers and supply depots. The President and governors must be rescued ASAP via helicopters. Doctors and scientist attempt to study the zombie virus. Eventually, they must expand. They must clear out infested towns and begin to settle in them, while slowly making their way across America. Once America is declared safe, preparations are made to assist other infested countries. At this point, ZCOM would take control of the United Nations and launch a global offensive against the zombies. First priorities are to secure world leaders and rendezvous them to a safe area. They, along with high ranking ZCOM soldiers, prepare to neutralize the zombies and rebuild the world.

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