Zombie Apocalypse

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Zombie Apocalypse is a novel written by Stephen Jones and several other contributors.


This is a collection of "accounts" of the zombie apocalypse that sweeps England after a plague pit is dug up for the "New Festival of Britain" which releases fleas infected with the "Human Reanimation Virus". The virus spreads all over and humanity may fall.

All Hallows Church is built over a cemetery for those killed by the bubonic plague which reached England in the 1300s. Concerns reported by Margaret Winn state that there is a concern that the clay soil and dampness have the ability to have contained the disease in perfect condition, warnings ignored, the ground is "dug up", and bodies of the plague victims carelessly disposed of. As the story continues on through different accounts of emails, text messages, and diaries, head of affairs, James Ramsey investigates the church and ends up in the catacombs where he finds the dead bodies piled high accompanied by a decaying scent not from them, heading back he finds Margaret "Maggie", head smashed in yet still moving, upon closer observation there are fleas under the skin, in her ears, jumping around like a red/brown mist, running back to the exit Ramsey is locked in by a worker, turning around to find Maggie coming towards him, described as, "Just for the record, if anyone gets to hear this, my friend Margaret is coming towards me, and I think she means to drain me of my blood in order to feed her parasites". This tells the start of the apocalypse, continued on with other methods such as the previously stated, emails, letters, diaries, and more.


This novel is much different from many other books. It is in the style of emails, diary pages, transcripts and many other things.

The VirusEdit

See Human Reanimation Virus

Seems to be the bubonic plague, evolved into a form of zombieism where the host in a way acts like the flea, spreading through bite, blood, or scratch.

Sequels and side storiesEdit

There is a sequel to this novel called Zombie Apocalypse: Fight Back. This novel is written in the same way but continues the story. The sequel details the rise of sentient zombies and the war against them. The book also has a section behind the science of infection. There is a third main book called Zombie Apocalypse: End Game which is the final book in the main series. Side stories include Horror Hospital and Washington Deceased.

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