Zombie Dearest is David Kemker's directorial debut. He also co-wrote and starred in the movie as Gus Lawton, a struggling comedy writer who pushes his wife Deborah (Shauna Black) too far and he finds himself chasing her across the country to the run down house of her childhood. The old place needs fixing and Gus tries to work his way back into Deborah's life by rennovating the house, staring with the septic tank. In a moment of desperation, he turns to the heavens and begs for help. Moments later, he digs up the one thing that he needs, a zombie (David Sparrow) who will do the heavy lifting while Gus gets back to writing comedy. Testing his jokes out on the zombie, Gus finds his voice and his audience, and plans his return to stand-up comedy. But the zombie has other plans...

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