The Zombie Plague is a modification of the Counter-Strike where the humans must kill all the zombies to avoid a massive infection on the world. When a round starts, a player is changed into a zombie and he must to infect the humans. The humans must kill the zombie before he infects their teammates. The maps are shrouded totally in darkness and the humans only get a flashlight to see. Zombies, however, get nightvision. The game can be played only on Internet.

Objectives Edit


Kill the zombies to defeat the plague. They get a big arsenal of weapons to use. Teamwork is necessary to not get infected.
De dust20029

Humans only get a flashlight to see


Infect the human team and kill the last survivor to take over the world. There are many classes of zombies, each one with their strengths and weaknesses.


Infection ModEdit

The normal infection. One player is changed into a zombie and he must infect the others.


The players are divided in two groups: humans and zombies. In this mod the zombies must kill the humans instead infect them.

A zombie after killing a human

Multiple infectionEdit

Several players are changed into zombies instead one.


One player is changed into a Nemesis. The Nemesis receives a lot of hit points, speed, and can do long jumps. The other players are all humans and they must kill the Nemesis before they are killed.


One player is changed into a Survivor. He gets a machine gun with infinite ammunition and receives a lot of hit points. The other players are zombies, and they have to kill the survivor.

A Survivor fighting the zombie horde

Plague ModEdit

The players are divided in 2 teams:

  • Zombie Team: A Nemesis and the other players are zombies.
  • Human Team: A Survivor and all the other players are humans.

The objective is kill the other team. Zombies will take over the world or the Humans will survive and defeat the infection.

Links: - ukrainian zombie plague fan site

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