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Survival KitEdit

A survival kit is essentially any collective of objects that you bring or wear on your person whenever you leave

your base to salvage for supplies during a zombie outbreak. Suppose you are wearing combat boots, tactical

pants, a jacket, ballistics padding, and a chest holster, and have a pack with you. Here are some things you

should include:

Pack SackEdit

Side pocket: a water thermos

Front semi-pocket: Granola bars, Gauze, Sterile wipes, Zippo

Strap on outside: (velcro or plastic buckle): 1 hand hatchet and/or crowbar

Strap pockets: Multitool, Keys, Pocket knife

Main compartment: Machete with bladeguard, Nail hammer, Full firstaid kit, 2 oranges, 2 apples, 3 carrots, A bag of beef jerky, State or provincial map, Toilet paper

Secondary compartment: Redbull or NOS (redbull because it is small, NOS because you can open and close it:

Loop handle: Back-up Hunting Knife

Chest Holster

A chest holster usually secures around a vest or jacket, and consists of the straps themselves, the stomach pockets, and shoulder guards, though the latter are unnessessary if the wearer has a protective vest on.

Ballistics VestEdit

This is a highly protective vest used to combat bandits but can easily be used against zombie bites, provided it has a high collar and is relatively heavy. Your average ballistics vest is compatible with a chest strap, and should have:

Shoulders Straps: 5 full strip cases on each side for your shotgun

High stomach straps: 4 remote activated mini-mines

Back Strap: Shotgun

Your BeltEdit

You can get special belts designed for special holdsters to be attached. You really only need to have two

holdsters for your backup firearms, a pocket on the front for a GPS (have a solar panel on your pack), and a knife

holdster. Here are some other things you might include.

Right strap: Backup flashlights

Left strap: Canteen

Your Pants/HolstersEdit

Left pocket: Spare

Right pocket: Satalite phone

Left rear pocket: Spare/wallet

Right rear pocket: Spare

Right holster: Radio contact revice/spare

Left holster: Additional sidearm

Left high holster: Ammunition

Right high holster: Ammunition

Your ShotgunEdit

Should have a shell holder (incase you don’t have time to reach into your pocket or packsack) and a sling. Your 12 gauge should be either semi auto or pump action. Make sure the brass on the shells have a high brass or else they will jam.

Your TruckEdit

You have a 4 door, 5 seat truck. In between the front 2 seats you can buy a gun holder at .

The top one will be your 30-06 with a sling, scope, and recoil pad, it will be a semi-auto and the finish is brown. The middle one will be your double barrel 20 gauge, the finish is camo. The bottom one will be a semi-auto .22 with a laser sight, the finish is black. Bring 50 30-06 rounds, 40 20 gauge rounds and 4 slugs, 100 .22 rounds, and batteries, all in your center console.


Your packsack should have:

  • Two Mesh Side Pockets
  • A Center Compartment (biggest)
  • A Secondary Compartment (second biggest)
  • A Small Front Pocket (that have the pencil holder things, on many packsacks)


Your gun holder

  • A Strap above the Front Pocket (common on skateboarding packsacks)
  • Pockets on the Shoulder Straps
  • Loop handle (with a knife because it may be too heavy to carry by hand)
  • (if knife can not attach, get a spring-lock key-ring holder to attach knife loop to handle loop.)

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