Zombie Survivalist TXEdit

Zombie SurvivalistTX is a group of zombie enthusiast that was first started in Texas by TJ Garcia aka LordT6 in Feb. 2009 in Garland, TX. The Zombie Survivalist TX, share stories, reviews, art and other zombie related material as well as information on upcoming zombie releases and practice survival drills. The group also participates playing online zombie video games and gatherings.

Each members train and watch closely for an outbreak.

Member InfoEdit

Founding Members
  • Tj Garcia
  • Micah Smith
  • Justin Harton

Even through the group was first started in Texas, all are invited to join from any location and are encourage to start a group in their area. The group states that Texas is the one of many bases for survivalist.


ZS|TX Main goal is to survival the Zombie Apocalypse, Teach others how to survive. ZS|TX is one of many zombie HQ that have been set up around the world.

We will watch for any sign of a outbreak and send out warnings.

Aim for the head and they stay dead!


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