Zombie Tsunami is a zombie kid game, taking place in a zombie apocalypse. The goal is to try and collect as much zombies as possible which you can get by eating humans. You can also knock over cars, buses and tanks. But also watch out for bombs, moving cars, and helicopters. There is also upgrades you can get by touching white cubes with question marks on them. Here are the upgrades: Giant Z, UFO, Ninja, Tsunami, Gold, Quarterback, Balloon, and Dragon.

Giant Z Edit

Giant Z is sort of like a giant three-eyed alien with tentacles. It is probably the most powerful upgrade, and can shoot lasers from it's eyes. It is powerful though it moves slowly.

UFO Edit

UFO is an upgrade. It allows the player to receive a giant UFO following the zombie pack above. Every once in a while it will bring down a beam, creating another zombie. The bad thing is that it slows you down an awful lot.

Ninja Edit

Ninja is an upgrade. It allows the zombies to get costumed like ninjas and walk on their tip-toes. They can do flips in the air.

Tsunami Edit

Actually, tsunami is probably the most powerful one. It gives the player a giant wave which the zombies ride on top of and it is amine to bombs, helicopters, or moving cars. The player must tap on the wave to stop it from sinking to the bottom.

Gold Edit

Gold is probably the second best. It allows the zombies all to turn into gold, and anything they touch turns into gold coins. This bears a resemblance to King Midas, and ancient Greek legend about a guy who touches stuff and it turns to gold.

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